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Exclusive Patented Technology

Benson Energy Saving Technology focuses on lighting trends and their requirements and provide series of LED products, especially in electronic ballast compatible arena.

The BEST owns a unique patent for LED retrofit products based on the LED lighting compatibility technology, and we have developed relevant energy saving products and services including ALL-IN-ONE compatibility (ECGall LED series – compatible with Electronic ballasts, Magnetic ballasts, and direct A/C mains input) that can directly replace old T5, T8, G24, 2G11 and more to LED lighting. We are the first and leading company released the exclusive patented technology for retrofit LED lighting that also meet the standards of EU regulation (IEC/EN 62776) and Taiwan regulation (CNS 15829).

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The safety of LED products is our high priority concern. Our design products are suitable for industrial application with fuse protection, overcurrent and temperature protection.


We designed our LED tubes the same parameters as fluorescent tubes, that can be compatible with different brands and different ballasts (ex. rapid start electronic ballasts, pre-heat activated electronic ballasts, and instant activated electronic ballasts).


ECO-DESIGN LED products, compatible with current electronic ballasts, direct replace old fluorescent tubes, high efficiency, 99% recyclable.

Long lifespan

No liquid capacitors and inductors on PCB (ECGsmart series only). 50,000 hours Lifespan (L70) ; 25,000 switching cycles.



電子安定器(Electronic Ballast, ECG)兼容LED燈管核心技術
ECGsmart T5, T8, 2G11 & G24q等智慧型電子安定器兼容LED燈管技術
ECGall T5, T8, 2G11 & G24q等多功能型電子安定器兼容LED燈管技術

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