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Flicker-free technology in T8 LED lighting

Flicker-free technology in T8 LED lighting

Flicker-free technology in T8 LED lighting

Flicker-free technology - The BEST LED lighting for Semiconductor Industry

BEST DESIGNED high quality T8 LED tubes ZERO flickering effect for Semiconductor Industry and IC production.

Our high quality T8 LED tubes are completed in the lengths from 437mm, 600mm, 720mm, 900mm, 1047mm, 1200mm to 1500mm. It is made of high-quality aluminum and plastic which is considered in very good heat dissipation and can withstand the extreme climate change without bending issue. The specification is specified in the following table. You are able to install our T8 LED tubes into any G13 based luminaires. Lifetime can reach more than 50,000hrs for different usage.

CE | RoHS COMPLANT |Better heat dissipation NO BENDING | 100V-277VAC Power factor >0.9 | Up to 100,000hrs Lifetime | ≦6SDCM | Rendering Ra>82 | Energy efficiency class F / E / D | No Flickering Lights
  • G13 based
  • LED chips 2835
  • IESNA LM-80
  • Material: high quality aluminum dissipation & plastic cover
  • Lifespan: >50,000hrs
  • Power factor > 95%
  • SDCM<6
  • CE & RoHS Certificate
  • Flicker-free technology
    Flicker Index(FI)=PstLM 0.01~0.02
    Percent Flicker (PF) 2%~4%
    SVM ≦1
  • Quality approved by well-known semi-industry production factory

LED light source Half aluminum + plastic material | T8/G13 | 1F 437mm | 2F 600mm, 720mm | 3F 900mm | 3.5F 1047mm | 4F 1200mm | 5F 1500mm
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We develop our high quality T8 LED tubes in double ended power supply, and for worldwide 100-277AC voltages available. The end caps are normal, rotatable, and safety options. (We can also offer single-ended power T8 LED tubes.)

  • Lengths: 1F(437mm), 2F(600mm), 720mm, 3F(900mm), 3.5F(1047mm), 4F(1200mm), 5F(1500mm).
  • Power supply: double-ended power supply or single-ended power supply
  • End caps: normal, rotatable, or safety locker
  • Plastic cover: milky cover or clear cover.
  • CCT options: 2000K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 6500K
  • ITEM CODE: T8SF LED as identification

Normal end caps | Rotatable end caps | Safety end caps | Working with ballasts ECG / CCG (electronic ballasts / magnetic ballast) | Directly Connect with AC mains voltage (100-240V / 100-277V)
What are the functions of our T8 LED tubes?

ECGall T8 LED tubes can work with existing ballasts such as electronic ballasts, magnetic ballasts. (Plug & play)
SW T8 LED tubes can also work without ballasts and direct AC mains power supply. (Wiring)
Special DC power supply can be customized.
Please contact us and we’ll get back to you with further information.

What causes LED tube flickering?

Flicker happens in all light sources with an AC power supply delivered at a frequency of 50 to 60 hertz, meaning the electrical current travels backward and forward 50 to 60 times per second. Flicker happens due to rapid voltage variations, or a “ripple” in a current which then leads to a ripple in light output— a flicker.
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What is Flicker-free technology?

Special and high-quality Flicker-free ICs will be used in our T8 LED lighting by eliminating the voltage frequency variation from the mains supply and guaranteeing a stable lumen output.

What are the advantages of our flicker-free technology?
  1. BEST for human health – no dizziness, migraines, eyestrain and fatigue.
  2. Safety for works or activities– no distracting, near-stroboscopic effect.
  3. No damages to IC components production in sensitive semi-industry.
    Best application:
    • ✔ Semi-industry lighting
    • ✔ Factory lighting
    • ✔ Schools lighting
    • ✔ Office lighting
    • ✔ Library lighting
    • ✔ Machines/Equipment lighting