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LED replacement T5 6W fluorescent tube

T5 LED, Short T5 LED

LED replacement T5 6W fluorescent tube

Product Model: ECGsmart T5 HE 212 LED tube

Direct Replacement. Electronic ballast Compatible. No fixture rewiring. No ballast bypassing...
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Direct Replacement. Electronic ballast Compatible. No fixture rewiring. No ballast bypassing.

(Model: ECGsmart T5 HE 212mm 4W LED tube)
Directly replace old T5 6W 212mm fluorescent tube
Work with ECG ballast in existing luminaire.
40,000 hour life span
15,000 switching cycles
Color rendering index Ra ≥ 82
No mercury or hazardous materials
No warping, no bending
No discoloration of light over life of tube
Suitable for output current adjustable dimming, such as DALI
Able to work with suitable LED driver to help replace old electronic ballast.
Please note: Only suitable for working with electronic ballasts and LED driver. Not applicable to mains voltage(85V~265V)

Descriptions Value
Direct Replacement Target Old T5 HE 6W Fluorescent tube
Driver Compatibility Electronic ballast, LED driver
Ballast Driving Voltage Upon ballast output
LED Driver Driving Voltage 28-34V DC
LED Driver Driving Current 150mA DC
Wattage 4W
Conventional Wattage Equivalent 6W
Base Cap Mini bi pin G5
Life Span (Hours) 50000 hrs
Beam Angle (Degrees) 140
Lumens 420 lm
PC cover Clear / Milky
Diameter 16mm
Length 212mm
Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra > 82
Color Temperature (CCT) 2700K ~ 6500K
Lumens per Watt 130 lm/W
Order number Direct Retrofit Target
ES-T5HE212-27K-AL T5 HE 6W 2700K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE212-30K-AL T5 HE 6W 3000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE212-40K-AL T5 HE 6W 4000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE212-50K-AL T5 HE 6W 5000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE212-60K-AL T5 HE 6W 6000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE212-65K-AL T5 HE 6W 6500K Fluorescent tube